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Will I be charged more than once per month?

You will only be charged at the end of the monthly billing cycle based on the number of orders upgraded in the previous billing cycle.

Why isn't Together compatible with my theme?

Currently Together is only compatible with Shopify's 2.0 Themes. However, we are working hard and compatibility with 1.0 Themes will be available shortly! In the meantime, contact us for help with a manual installation.

Can I customize what the rewards code is for?

Yes! You decide how much you want to reward your customers for committing to their purchase. You can also customize which items the custom code will be applicable towards.

How and when do my customers receive their discount code?

After committing to their purchase, when the order is marked as fulfilled, your customer will be sent their discount code automatically via email.

Customers who do not checkout with an email but provide a phone number in Canada/USA, will be sent their discount code via SMS text

If your customer completes their purchase without an email address and phone number outside of Canada/USA, you will be notified via email automatically so that you can contact the customer with their reward.

If I get bumped to a higher tier, can I return to a lower tier?

Yes! You will always start at the lowest cost per month and will always be charged only based on how many orders you have upgraded

Is Together CCPA/GDPR compliant?

Yes! Together is CCPA/GDPR compliant and will not store any of your customers' data.

How do I uninstall Together?

To uninstall, simply go to your apps page and click the Remove button. This will remove the Together widget from your storefront and will begin processing your final bill.

Other questions?

Contact us here.