After installing the Together app on your website, see information for your orders that have been upgraded to final sale for up to 60 days after the order is placed, directly from Gorgias' support platform!

To Complete Your Gorgias Installation

After connecting to Together’s Gorgias app, please complete the following steps:

  1. Submit the following information via the contact us form:

    • To complete installation of Together's Gorgias app, please link:
      - Shopify store domain: <your_store>  
      - Gorgias account domain: <your_account>
    • Our support team will link your Shopify store to your Gorgias account and will notify you once this is completed.

  2. After the installation is complete, you will see the following created on your Gorgias account:

    • An Http Integration named Together

    • A ticket widget populated with Together data via Http Integration

  3. Examples:

    • Ticket Widget Edit Mode without the Together data

    • Ticket Widget View mode won’t show without Together data

    • Ticket Widget Edit Mode with the Together data when the customer who submits the ticket with email that can be found on the associated Shopify store with upgrade to final sale orders

    • Ticket Widget View Mode with Together data:

To Complete Uninstallation

After disconnecting the Together’s Gorgias app:

  1. Delete the Together Http Integration in the Settings Integration Http IntegrationTogether

  2. Remove the Together ticket widget in the ticket widget edit mode.

Data Usage (Privacy Policy)

  • For installation, we store the account domain to verify which Shopify Store is connected to the account. Below are further technical details:

    • To authenticate API calls, we store the access token and refresh token obtained during the OAuth.

    • To be able to update the integration and widget when needed, we store the integration id and widget id created by the installation.

    • To authenticate the event messages, we store the http integration event authentication token (generated by our app).

  • For HTTP Integration events, we read the ticket id, account domain and customer email via the event response body.

    • We use account domain to identify the corresponding Shopify store where we use the customer email to retrieve order data pertained to the email and upgrade to final sale.

    • We do not store any data during the event handling.

If you have any other questions, please reach out to us here